Government Relations

We promote our clients’ products and services in a focused way and help them build effective relationships across the whole spectrum of decision-making processes.

  • Place your products, services – or policy issues thereof – in the context of broader capability needs and related policy and regulatory environments
  • Pro-actively follow policy and regulatory developments that can affect your market growth
  • Engage with the right stakeholders at NATO, EU and member state level
  • Define effective communication strategies

Market Support

We help clients to address specific EU and NATO countries, and to increase visibility and engagement with stakeholders at exhibitions, conferences and trade shows.

  • Prospect markets in specific EU and NATO member countries
  • Prepare in advance your presence at security and defence exhibitions
  • Prepare and focus the content of your meetings by understanding the role of each stakeholder in the decision-making process
  • Access technology testing and technology demonstration opportunities

R&D Grants

PoleCM monitors capability needs, R&D and procurement opportunities at NATO, EU and member state levels, and assists clients to respond to them in the framework of consortia or independently.

Particular focus is placed on assisting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to raise awareness about the availability of their solutions towards public stakeholders in the transatlantic space (EU, NATO, European national or local authorities), as well as towards bigger companies or investors interested in innovation, or seeking to diversify their supply chains.

  • Get actionable intelligence to help you target the most suitable projects and consortia partners
  • Access a wide network of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises active in the defence sector
  • Get support in writing your grant proposal

Research and Technology Watch

Many EU and NATO initiatives encourage participation of Small- and Medium-Sized enterprises in procurement and R&D projects, as well as their involvement in various consultations with the industry.

Moreover, innovation generated by smaller companies often has both civilian and defence/security applications. Such dual applications can offer real opportunities, which can benefit a wide variety of industry sectors and society as a whole.

However, in Europe, the start-up and SME industrial innovation base is still largely organised at national (not European) levels. This, in turn, can be a source of insufficient awareness about the newest available innovation and even insufficient confidence by prime contractors, public institutions or investors regarding security of supply or business viability.

On the other hand, smaller companies often do not have sufficient time or economic resources to understand and fully explore opportunities offered by international/ European institutions, or by investors.

Combined with complex regulatory landscapes and complex acquisition cycles in the public sector, these represent challenges that must be addressed in the process of promoting market uptake of new technologies.

We help SMEs and investors to address such challenges by:

  • Assisting smaller companies to access opportunities and have a voice in Brussels
  • Analyse the potential of new products, technologies or processes against policy, regulatory and stakeholder frameworks
  • Identify SME providers of specific technologies